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2nd August 2020

Reopening business post coronavirus

Reopening your business and envisioning what post-coronavirus small business life is going to look like is probably keeping us all up at night. The good news is that entrepreneurs are uniquely qualified for this exercise…. Read more

2nd July 2020

Covid-19 makes it difficult to take life a day at a time

Covid-19 makes it incredibly difficult to take life faster than one day at…

2nd June 2020

It’s time to review the business plan

A disruption like Covid-19 requires a new plan of action. And so it’s now time to review your business plan. Commercial tension and stakes are running high.

2nd May 2020

Tapping into Entrepreneurship

Tapping in to the spirit of entrepreneurship has never been so necessary. I recently read a book ‘The Unstoppables’ by Bill Schley, co-founder of the branding firm Brand Team Six showing how the best practitioners… Read more

2nd April 2020

Reshaping Your Product Line

The good news is that it’s not all doom and gloom out there. By reshaping your product line, you could drive future business success. It’s no secret that some companies have seen soaring growth despite… Read more

2nd February 2020

HMRC Delays Reverse Charge VAT For Construction

In a move that has elated most, HMRC has announced a postponement of the new domestic reverse charge VAT for construction businesses until October 2020. The delay is to provide VAT-registered businesses in the UK with more… Read more