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Providing SME’s and growing businesses with access to affordable interim Chief Financial Officers with invaluable experience & industry expertise.


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Working with an FD in your growing business

Do you sometimes feel as though you aren’t clear about the direction your business is heading in? SME’s and owner managed businesses often find finance the toughest problem of all. Before you can afford a full-time FD, you still need to know how you’re doing and where you’re going. Having a Virtual Finance Director (FD) with you on the journey enables you to benefit from the services of an experienced business partner with the experience and knowledge to offer you strategic financial insights.

Having one of our directors present during monthly meetings can help with the efficient running of your business. They will be virtually present during key discussions, providing valuable insight and drawing on points that might otherwise go unnoticed.

We’ll help you map the key aspects that underpin your vision: your growth plan or forecast, how you’re performing against it, the metrics you use to track it and the capital structure or investment needed to fund it.

Why use a Virtual FD?

  • Work with an experienced FD with a proven track record
  • Flexible and affordable FD’s
  • Trusted advisors to really solve your challenging problems
  • Prepare to increase your business valuation and profitability
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Virtual FD services

A virtual finance director is an external finance expert who can support and advise your business, enabling you to work with an experienced individual, but not having a full time salary on your payroll. The role of our virtual FD’s  is to help your business grow with a clear strategy, improve financial performance, and create future financial plans and targets.

We aim to take the stress out of this and have everything covered for you. The accounts that need to be filed each year will vary depending on the size of your business. All limited companies must file their accounts each year and we can advise on your filing requirements based on the current size of your business.

Financial Reporting

A clear picture of your businesses financials, including identifying profitable opportunities and cost optimisation.

Cash Flow Management

Improving efficiency and effectively tracking cash sources and uses of cash across the business.

Performance Tracking

Identifying key insights into performance, collecting financial data and creating insightful dashboards.

Financial Management / Strategic Planning

Managing business financials and creating strategic plans to support business growth.

Business Planning

Building financial models, forecasts & budgets really give you an insight into the future and shape the decision making process. Business planning covers all these aspects.

Raising Finance (EIS/SEIS)

Dealing with external investors or bank relationship managers can take your time away from the business. Our CFO’s will negotiate the right outcome on your behalf and deal with ongoing relationships.

Angel Investment

Finding angels can be a time intensive process. Through our vast network, Aspreys offers private deal execution to leverage the administrative burden of executing deals privately, allowing you to spend more time on what matters.

Increase Valuation

There are multiple areas a potential buyer will look to evaluate to determine a suitable value and offer for your business. Along with your strategy, it’s key to start preparing your business for sale in advance to maximise value. We assess key valuation metrics and work with you to enhance vital areas of the business, and extract greater value upon sale, typically an increased share value and more suitable and aligned buyers to continue to develop the business in the future.

Prepare For Successful Exit

Having an exit strategy and structuring your business ready for sale, is important to create an attractive proposition for a buyer and maximise your share value. We work with you to determine your key goals and advise you through the process of the transaction. Typically, you only sell a business once, so it’s essential to receive the advice required to maximise transaction value and the longevity of business.

How can a Virtual Finance Director help my business?

Our Virtual FD services include financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting and support for directors and internal finance managers, mentoring and analysis of results. 

Virtual FD services give your business momentum and focus where it matters most. Communication is structured, meaning no more waiting until the end of the financial year to discuss key areas of improvement and action points.

Our virtual finance directors can access your business, financial activities and help you make important financial decisions to improve your financial situation, profitability, and tax position. This service is suited to businesses with ambitious owners, wanting to scale and grow their business, requiring the skills and experience of a financial director. This is a cost-effective approach to financial success and sustainability.

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Working together, wherever you are

Finances can be difficult to understand for many business owners, so our team of finance directors are here to provide clarity and help your business reach its full potential.  Using cloud-based technology and simple workflows, we help you make better decisions and manage your relationships with key investors and other stakeholders.

Whether you’re based in London or across the UK, we’re also able to provide on-site support screen sharing which makes it feel like we’re in the same room. It’s an effective way to talk through spreadsheets and bring numbers to life.

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Why Aspreys?

Aspreys provides experts at an affordable price point to really help SME’s on their growth journey.

  • Personal You are not just a number
  • INNOVATIVE Everyday we seek to be creative
  • GROWTH MINDSET Your success means our success. Simple.
  • TRACK RECORD We’ve helped hundreds of clients succeed!
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Frequently asked questions

We have offices in London and Surrey and we can provide onsite support within 50 miles of these locations. 

We have a minimum commitment of 12 months, as we believe it’s important to map out key focus areas to work on over an agreed period of time. We have regular reviews and work together to ensure we’re on track. Naturally, key challenges deserve well thought through decisions and we feel that a minimum of 12 months is required to really see an impact in your business.

Hiring a full time FD can cost a business around £100k per year plus employee benefits. Working with a virtual FD on a part time basis, can be a more cost effective method to helping you reach your goals. It provides you with flexibility and we ensure you are given the support of our experienced FDs, all of whom have proven experience and results.

At the start of our working relationship we set out the scope of services so you know exactly what to expect. Depending on your level of requirements, you would meet monthly or quarterly with your FD where you will set milestones and action points to ensure you’re on track to meet your business goals.

We have dedicated FDs, with proven industry experience, who will be matched to your business to ensure they can add real value and solve critical challenges.

We will set out the scope from day one based on your requirements and timeframes. You will have a structured approach and you will be fully aware of the set days and times your FD will be required to work on your business.

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