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Building financial models, forecasts & budgets really give you an insight into the future and shape the decision making process. Business planning covers all these aspects

Our Approach

For those of you who are setting up a new business, expanding your product or service offering, taking part in a new business venture, you’re going to need a business plan. Although especially important for new businesses, a business plan can provide you with a roadmap that you can refer to, to ensure you and your business stay on track to meet your goals and objectives. We appreciate that writing a business plan can seem intimidating as well as time consuming but it doesn’t have to be.

Creating a business Plan

Let us assist you with your business plans to outline what your business does and what you are
trying to achieve, what the market opportunity is, what makes your business special and how you can make it a success. Our financial consultants have extensive experience in writing business plans and can reduce the burden placed on you.

The approach we, at Aspreys take towards creating a business plan:

Creating an executive summary

An overview of your business and your overall plan. The aim of this first section is to provide a snapshot of your plan.

Company overview

Providing an insight into your company, the problem your business addresses, how you solve this problem, the history of your company and the structure, including owners.

Market analysis

Outlining your competitors and industry trends and any market research you have carried out. Who and where you’re selling to, providing insight into your customer profile.

Business organisation and management structure

More insight into the operations of your business, including a SWOT analysis, covering how your strengths will be used to capitalise on your opportunities and how your weaknesses will amplify your threats

Products and services

A clear overview of the products or services that you offer, including key differentiators to your competitors

Marketing & sales plan

Explaining further about your products or services, pricing strategy and the methods you’ll utilise to promote them

Financial plan and projections

Detailing the numbers; sales forecasts, costs of goods and services, profit and loss forecasts, cash flow statements and balance sheet

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    Frequently asked questions

    Aspreys’ CFOs can provide leadership, direction and management of your financial and commercial needs. Providing strategic recommendations, your CFO will also manage the processes for financial forecasting and budgets and oversee the preparation of all financial reporting, advising on long-term business and financial planning.

    Your business plan is your high-level summary about why you are in the business, and how are you going to reach your goal. Business plans are used to attract funding, evaluate future growth, build partnerships, or even guide development – and we know how all these things constantly evolve over time!

    Quite simply, this depends on your business requirements and what stage your business is at. Do you need your CFO to drive fundraising, optimise spending and cash flow, or increase overall revenue and profitability? We’ll recommend the level of support we feel is right for you!

    A CFO will analyse when and what type of business finance would be best for your business. Your CFO will understand the various types of finance available in the market, speak with a number of our partners, provide the required information and negotiate on your behalf.

    Your CFO manages the financial activities of the business – reporting, budgeting, cash management – so with everything well managed, you’ll give investors more confidence in your business! They’re also an additional pair of eyes and ears for the start up team – advising, coaching, and ensuring it’s the right deal for you.

    We would suggest, depending on your business needs, our CFO comes in one or two days a week. However, many businesses prefer our CFO services virtually through zoom calls. Let’s schedule a complimentary 15 minute consultation to discuss what you’re looking to achieve.