The ‘Secret’ To Increasing Employee Engagement

by admin

Mar 2, 2020

Maximising employee engagement during isolation is not going to be easy. Why? Because it’s more difficult for dispersed employees to unite under one vision. So what’s the ‘secret’? A good set of digital tools and a clear strategy will help in working around physical boundaries. This could boost employee satisfaction and encourage every employee to reach peak performance.

Many of us will be familiar with employee engagement strategies. We know that an engaged employee is more productive, more profitable and happier. Yet, few of us will know how to transfer those strategies to a home-working environment.

At Aspreys Accountants, we love helping small business owners reach their potential. While we specialise in accounting, company compliance and payroll, we always support our clients with a helping hand. And a team to bounce their ideas off. So as you look to improve employee engagement right now, we’ve developed some tips for you:

Understand The Impact Of Isolation

It’s important to remember everyone’s at-home circumstances will be different. Your employees may have become parents, negotiators, chefs, cleaners and more. Each employee will have different concerns,  vulnerabilities and home dynamics impacting their work. As an employer, it is important that you understand the impact isolation is having on your staff. You can begin by asking, ‘how are you coping at the moment?’ or ‘how does working at home feel?’

To feel engaged, your employees need to feel supported. Feeling supported is more than understanding. It’s a connection that creates a sense of value. Why not share some of your own experiences? This could help strengthen your relationship with your staff. Stand with your staff rather than over them. And show vulnerabilities you may have hidden before. This will go a long way to show genuine support.

Remember The 3 P’s

1. Definitely Prioritise

Your staff will more than likely struggle to generate their ‘in office output’. As a result, it will be useful for you to prioritise for individual staff and the business as a whole. What is critical for the business right now? A regular reminder of priorities will help your staff focus and maximise productivity.

2. It’s Important To Praise

Currently your staff are on uncharted ground. It is likely that they will be feeling uncertain and unsure. Isolation is likely to have an impact on confidence and the ability to cope under pressure. As a result, it’s important to praise your staff as much as possible. You can remind them that they are making a huge impact by showing up, making the effort and finding the time. Praise the Dad that juggles 3 children and his workload. Praise the Mum – part maths teacher, part marketing assistant. Praise the people that fight to be present when there are so many obstacles in the way.

3. Why Not Promote Technology?

Working remotely could spark physical as well as emotional isolation. When we are unable to connect physically, we often disconnect on a mental level. As an employer, promote the use of technology for collaboration wherever possible. Provide opportunities for video calls. We use a tool called Zoom but there are many other free tools for you to use. So why not try out something new and connect in new ways with your staff?

Create Time For Yourself

It is important that as a business owner you are able to remain motivated and engaged. Ensure you create time for yourself. Time to relax, practise healthy habits and a good sleep routine. Consider how you are able to offload your concerns or frustrations. Find people outside of your business that are able to support you. Remember to do things you enjoy outside of work. Utilise your daily exercise allowance and spend quality time with your household.

So What’s The ‘Secret’?

The “secret” to increasing employee engagement in the workplace is that there is no secret! You can simply ask your employees what needs improvement or the changes needed to make their time at work more productive and fruitful. You might be surprised by how simple the solution may be.

We’re Here For You

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