Sharon….you’re still on mute. Top tips to Zoom like a pro

by Alex Lowin

Aug 1, 2020

We’ve all been there haven’t we? You’re on mute, you’re not on mute…. there goes the dog barking or the postman in the background window. For those of us who aren’t used to running meetings virtually, setting up and running your Zoom calls can be a huge adjustment. At Aspreys we understand that and have rallied round as a team and come up with our top tips for Zooming like a pro! None of us want to end up like Sharon!

New to Zoom? Licensing and software 

There are two Zoom subscriptions you can opt for, there is Zoom Basic which is free and great to get you up and running for those 1:1 video calls.

TIP: There is a 40 minute time limit though if you’re the meeting host!

Zoom Pro is chargeable and provides you with some enhanced admin controls and the option for cloud recording.

You can download the Zoom meeting software to your desktop and mobile!

Beat the background noise 

There’s nothing worse than hearing lots of background noise whilst trying to pitch your business. We always have our Jabba headsets at the ready and use them for our Zoom calls. Okay they aren’t’ particularly sexy but we’re all in the same boat?

Hiding the home chaos

Some of us at Aspreys have children and animals that have a tendency to appear so we often opt for a background.

You’re on mute!

Don’t be left red faced after keeping yourself on mute again. Holding down the spacebar on your keyboard is a useful shortcut for temporarily unmuting yourself.

Looking into the light 

To make sure we look our best on Zoom calls, we make sure we are sat in a room with good lighting or at least facing a window. It’s best to have the light right in front of you and natural light is always better.

Don’t let the camera catch you out

Make sure your camera is positioned correctly, nobody wants to see the underside of your chin! You can always view what you look like including the position before a call. There’s also no harm in using some books or a box underneath to make sure your camera is at the optimal height.

And finally.. get comfy. 

With most meetings running virtually now, there’s nothing worse than sitting through that 1 hour sales meeting on an uncomfortable surface!

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