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You started a business because you had a passion for doing something great. But now, you spend more time dealing with employee issues than running your business! It’s expensive to employ a full time HR Manager so let Aspreys save you time, reduce risk and save you money

Why consider HR outsourcing?

Most SME’s require HR support but cannot consider hiring a full-time HR professional. There comes a time when outsourcing HR becomes a necessity, especially during this time of constant change. We also work with larger companies when they require additional support during busy times or there is a need for us to work on specific projects for them, such as reorganisations or recruitment.


Business Protection

Cost Effective

Expert Advice

Complaint Documents

Time Saver

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    Outsourcing with Aspreys

    Outsourcing your HR with Aspreys will give you peace of mind, whether it be ensuring your policies are fully compliant or helping manage an underperforming employee. We have the expertise and industry experience to support you with tailored advice for your business.
    Aspreys will provide you with a dedicated HR Manager who will increase your flexibility and speed of response to HR problems. Your HR Manager will be available to consult as you require by phone, email or Zoom. Let us become your trusted business partner.

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    Our HR Outsourcing

    Employee Handbook

    Contract of Employment

    Policies & Procedures

    Unlimited advice from a dedicated, experienced HR Manager

    Free access to HR software that will allow you to manage your team easily

    Access to webinars and online support

    Employment law updates

    Tribunal support

    Specialist up-to-date advice on latest legislation; such as covid back to work advice

    How does it work?

    Following a simple onboarding process, your dedicated HR Manager will quickly begin reviewing your current documents and processes and supporting you and your team. Your HR Manager will become a trusted member of your team, sharing their HR expertise with you and guiding you through every step of the way, ensuring you are fully compliant and saving you valuable time.

    Online financial services

    Our HR software

    We utilise simple HR software that makes managing people easy. HR software streamlines all the necessary HR functions and safe cloud based storage of HR documentation.

    BreatheHR covers:

    • Organising documents
    • Managing employees (holiday, absence, sick leave)
    • Empowering your teams
    • Tracking expenses
    • Recruitment

    & much more! Our HR Managers will take you through how your business will benefit.

    What our clients say

    Our work is our passion. We are proud of what we achieve every day.



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    Frequently asked questions

    • We’ll save you the hassle and expense of employing a full-time HR manager
    • Reduce your risk with our experts
    • Spend time on your business and let us resolve your HR challenges

    All companies must offer a workplace pension scheme by law and are not allowed to encourage or force employees to “opt out”.

    There are certain employee criteria that need to be met to qualify:

    • Classed as a ‘worker’
    • Aged between 22 and state
    • Earn at least £10,000 per annum
    • You usually work in the UK
    • Zero hours contracts are often used by employers that require flexibility in their workforce, for example where the need for workers is unpredictable.
    • Under a zero hours contract, the employer is not obliged to offer the worker a set number of hours. Depending on how the contract is drafted, the worker may or may not have an obligation to accept any work that is offered.
    • The employment status of an individual on a zero hours contract will depend on the nature of the relationship between the parties. When drafting such a contract, the employer must be clear about whether or not it intends the worker to have employee status, and should ensure that what is set out in the contract reflects the reality of what is expected from the worker.

    Almost all workers are entitled to 5.6 weeks (28 days) of paid annual leave each year. This also includes:

    • Agency workers
    • Zero hour contracts
    • Irregular hours

    Bank holidays do not have to be given as paid annual leave, however an employer can choose to include these within the 5.6 weeks (28 days)

    Whilst there is no legal requirement to undertake appraisal discussions, we recommend this is completed on a 6 monthly or annual basis to retain engagement and to get the most from your employees

    • A staff handbook brings together and summarises an employer’s policies, procedures and practices. Creating an effective handbook can help the employer to communicate its rules consistently to all employees.
    • Staff handbooks should communicate how issues such as harassment, discrimination, absence, family-friendly rights and other HR matters are dealt with by the employer.
    • When creating a staff handbook, the employer should understand the legal implications of making the handbook, or parts of it, contractual.