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Our payroll specialists ensure your payroll is prepared each week or month & send out employee online payslips. Choosing our payroll services, you’ll be fully compliant with workplace pensions & receive updates of any changes in regulation.

Outsourcing your payroll

Whether you’re a business owner or running a business, it’s safe to say that covering everything whether that be HR, finances or payroll is a tricky task and in most cases you’ll find that you’re spending too much time covering tasks which are not the best use of your time. In addition to this, something like payroll can be confusing if it’s not your speciality. Equally, it might not be what you wanted to spend your time doing when you decided to start your business or run one.

Having said all of this, payroll is important as finances and employees are key to your business and ultimately contribute towards keeping your company moving.

If you’re looking to save yourself the time of handling this yourself and you would prefer not to hire a full time role to do this, outsourcing is your best bet. Not only does this save you time but also money, with the added assurance you are using someone who is an expert and does this task day in an day out.

Saves money

Not only can you save money by minimising the need for an additional headcount but you avoid software, hardware and security costs

Taxes filed correctly

Using a professional provider, you can be sure your taxes will be filed correctly and most importantly on time

Stress free

Utilising a trusted payroll provider, eases the burden from you and gives you peace of mind knowing that you have this part of your business covered by an expert

Employee satisfaction

You’ll be assured knowing that your employees will be paid on time and correctly, which in turn keeps your employees happy

HMRC compliant

We use fully HMRC approved software


You’ll benefit from having your payroll managed by someone who does this day in day out, this is their area of expertise!

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    Our payroll services

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    Flexible Pay Calendars

    Choose how often employees are paid: weekly, monthly, fortnightly or twice a month

    Statutory Pay Calculations

    Easily manage statutory sick, furlough, maternity, paternity or adoption leave, and adjustment to employee pay

    Multiple Pay Rates

    Pay employees who have different rates based on the work they perform each pay period

    Built-In Timesheets

    Employee hours seamlessly appear in pay runs for automated calculations and payment

    Leave Management

    Track and manage employee leave entitlements enabling employees to request online or from their phone

    Encrypted e-Payslips

    Let employees securely access payslips from their mobile, tablet or computer, never having to print payslips again

    Auto enrolment

    It’s simple to set up your payroll with these easy steps. Don’t worry we’ll take you through each step and assist you. All we need from you to get going is the data which can be easily emailed or posted to us.

    Staging dates
    Assess your workforce
    Pension arrangements
    Employee communication
    Enrol eligible employees
    Pension regulator registration
    Workers pension contribution
    Fully Managed payroll

    Fully managed payroll

    In addition to the services above, you do have the option of a “fully managed payroll” service. This is an ideal solution for those who want to outsource everything to do with payroll. We essentially become your payroll department without the overhead expense

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    Frequently asked questions

    We aim to turn around payroll within 24-48hrs but this is something we will discuss with you and ensure we meet your requirements.

    Setting up a new client is easy providing we have all the data we have. As soon as we have all the necessary information required, we can have you set up within 24hrs.

    Make sure you check your contract and ensure you provide them with the necessary notice period.

    Yep, you can change providers at any time, you will just need to provide us with your year-to-date information. April is an ideal time though as it’s the start of a new tax year. If you have any concerns, give us a call!

    Don’t worry about this, we will provide you all the guidance as to what data we specifically need. We’ve got you covered.