HR packages to help support your business

Expert HR and health & safety support plans to get you back to business.
We have a clear pricing structure for our HR outsourcing at Aspreys which gives you the flexibility to tailor HR packages to suit your businesses individual needs.

Our monthly retained based HR outsourcing plans vary in cost depending on the number of employees in your business and the level of service that you require. Our monthly price is based on a 6 or 12 month contract for HR services.

1. advanced partner

from £135 per month
Dedicated HR Consultant:

A dedicated business partner to become an extended part of your business, not a call centre.

Ongoing Support:

Expert employment related advice via telephone, Zoom and email with your HR Consultant.

Contract of Employment:

A review of the contract of employment currently in place for existing employees, and amending or redrafting of such contract, if required.

Employee Handbook:

Creation/update of Employee Handbook, containing a range of suitable HR policies.

Additional HR Documentation:

Implementation of supporting HR documentation & templates, including, return to work, appraisal, and exit interview forms.

Bespoke HR Documentation:

Drafting of tailored correspondence, for example an invite letter to a disciplinary hearing.

Additional Consultancy:

Preferential onsite consultancy rates.

Employment Tribunals:

Assistance with any employment issues that become legal, for example, liaising with ACAS and preparing necessary paperwork for employment tribunal matters.

Monthly Newsletter:

Bringing you up-to-date news and details of employment law changes and case law developments. Plus highlighting any need to amend/create relevant HR policies.


Access to key HR related webinars.

HR Management System:

Breathe HR

Discounted Consultancy Rates:

Daily/hourly charge rates for bespoke projects.

* The plans are monitored in line with our standard terms and conditions of business and Fair Use Policy.

Looking for a HR health check?

In our basic HR documentation health check, we will identify the main areas and actions you will need to focus on to improve your existing HR situation. We will conduct a review of your existing documents e.g. employee contract of employment, employee/company handbook, disciplinary and grievance policy. We will handle the amending or redrafting of such documentation, if required.

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Perhaps you need one-off HR support

Our team of HR experts can also assist your business with one off projects and onsite support. These would be chargeable on a pay as you go hourly or daily rate basis to suit the scope of the work required.

  • Hourly Pay as You Go Rate
  • Daily Pay as You Go Rate
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    Frequently asked questions

    • We’ll save you the hassle and expense of employing a full-time HR manager
    • Reduce your risk with our experts
    • Spend time on your business and let us resolve your HR challenges

    All companies must offer a workplace pension scheme by law and are not allowed to encourage or force employees to “opt out”.

    There are certain employee criteria that need to be met to qualify:

    • Classed as a ‘worker’
    • Aged between 22 and state
    • Earn at least £10,000 per annum
    • You usually work in the UK
    • Zero hours contracts are often used by employers that require flexibility in their workforce, for example where the need for workers is unpredictable.
    • Under a zero hours contract, the employer is not obliged to offer the worker a set number of hours. Depending on how the contract is drafted, the worker may or may not have an obligation to accept any work that is offered.
    • The employment status of an individual on a zero hours contract will depend on the nature of the relationship between the parties. When drafting such a contract, the employer must be clear about whether or not it intends the worker to have employee status, and should ensure that what is set out in the contract reflects the reality of what is expected from the worker.

    Almost all workers are entitled to 5.6 weeks (28 days) of paid annual leave each year. This also includes:

    • Agency workers
    • Zero hour contracts
    • Irregular hours

    Bank holidays do not have to be given as paid annual leave, however an employer can choose to include these within the 5.6 weeks (28 days)

    Whilst there is no legal requirement to undertake appraisal discussions, we recommend this is completed on a 6 monthly or annual basis to retain engagement and to get the most from your employees

    • A staff handbook brings together and summarises an employer’s policies, procedures and practices. Creating an effective handbook can help the employer to communicate its rules consistently to all employees.
    • Staff handbooks should communicate how issues such as harassment, discrimination, absence, family-friendly rights and other HR matters are dealt with by the employer.
    • When creating a staff handbook, the employer should understand the legal implications of making the handbook, or parts of it, contractual.